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Certain information regarding criminal cases in Pennsylvania is made available through Pennsylvania's State Department of Corrections Inmate Locator.
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In the map below, yellow dots represent jails that reported no deaths and red dots represent jails that reported at least one.

Crime in Montgomery County

Click on a dot for information about the number of suicides, other deaths and attempted suicides. You can also see how many inmates were typically in the facility during a given month. For Philadelphia, separate reports are made for jails. The location of the facilities is approximate. Some small counties do not have jails. Over several years, Montgomery County in suburban Philadelphia has ranked high for the number of attempted suicides reported — both in raw numbers and when you adjust for the number of inmates at facilities. Berks County also ranked high for the number of attempted suicides reported.

Claire Shubik-Richards, executive director of the Pennsylvania Prison Society , which advocates for inmates, said her organization also looks into problems that could have led to deaths labeled as natural. Sometimes those deaths could have been prevented with proper medical attention, she said.

81 Pa. county jail suicides in 4 years: A look at how jails report deaths | PA Post

The information is based on what counties report to the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. For instance, PA Post spotted discrepancies between what York County jail officials reported for and what news accounts described last year. Montgomery County is one of 63 counties in the state of Pennsylvania that we have criminal records data for. With a population of 6,,, it is the 3rd most populous county in Pennsylvania.


Just enter a name:. In that year, there were major violent crimes and 10, major property crimes.

Keep in mind that on top of those crimes, there were also minor crimes not included in our stats. On a per capita basis, Montgomery County ranked th for violent crimes and th for property crimes.

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You can also see criminal and court records for other Pennsylvania counties. Search through Montgomery County clerk of court records to uncover information from dozens of public records databases.

Perform a basic background check or use the resources below to conduct a case lookup, jail inmate search or a county court docket search. Some resources may contain information on warrants, sheriff and judicial records.

23-Year-Old Inmate Dies At Montgomery County Prison

The resources below may contain data related to vital records for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Search through divorce records and marriage licenses, as well as death certificates and birth records to uncover information you are looking for. Visitation R egulations.

Visits with inmates will be at the discretion of the Sheriff or his designee. Please note that we cannot guarantee all visits.

Pennsylvania prison population drops again

Inmates are permitted one 1 visit per week with a maximum of three 3 persons, including children, permitted to visit with the inmate. The visitation week begins on Monday and runs through Sunday.

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A parent or legal guardian must accompany juveniles persons under the age of eighteen. Regular V isitation Hours.

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