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Can't tell a psychiatrist from a psychic, a chainsaw-wielding-killer from someone with schizophrenia or a raging narcissist from the President of America? NHS shrink and award-winning comedian Benji Waterstones maps the psychiatric landscape and busts some myths along the way.

Because our minds don't come with a satnav. Best Newcomer nominee Brighton Fringe See the very best comedians selected from around the Fringe, with different line-ups every day in this brand-new family friendly lunchtime stand-up showcase, from the people behind sell-out hit Laughing Horse Pick of the Fringe.

Just like its older sister, it's a great way to see Fringe comedy, with top line-ups and big laughs But now, Croydon's 9th best truth detective, conspiracy theorist and slacktivist is here to blow it all open.

Rod Shepherd, Slacktivist, investigates the fake news, media lies and trying to fill out on line petitions - and is it worth it? But most importantly of all, we need that strategy to be delivered to us through poetry. Coming of Age is a collection of songs on the theme of growing older. Composed and sung by Anna Durkacz, a late developer who started writing songs at the fine age of 57,the show takes us on an exploration, each piece a little anecdote from Anna's life. While on the subject of genre: perhaps we might call the show "post-menopausal-post-folk".

Anna takes a wry look the ageing process and proves it's never too late. Anna is backed by a fine band of pals,The Professors of There's no such thing as a free lunch but there is a free quality comedy show at lunchtime! Whatsapp group dynamics, Instagram validation and threesomes with Siri and Alexa. Stand-up and piano bits about all your favourite contemporary bandwagons. Nick Elleray brings the mellow thunder to the Fringe with a brand new stand-up show with a great new zeitgeisty title that the kids will love.

Where do you find joy in these grim times? Should you be asking Nick? Come along and find out. Tom Short is a performance artist, an entertainer who exists in the moment, He has been described as fantastic Impish, Snazzy, authentic, Nerd, Affable, Random, Extraordinary, remarkable, phenomenal, exceptional, astounding, inspiring Unassuming, Eccentric and lovable. Incorporating tricksterism and charm and utilises an interdisciplinary seen more on the continent and rarely seen in the UK arts scene.

She takes you through her hilarious journey of leaving her husband and having to move back in with her mother, trying to date again after 12 years out of the game and ultimately figuring out who the hell she is. London Bermondsey's beloved local comedy show comes to Edinburgh!

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If you are looking for a quirky comedy show that caters the needs of radio four audience as well as Hello Magazine readers, then this is the show for you! That's why we are confident we have something for everyone! If a diverse, slightly bonkers and friendly comedy space is your thing, come to Comedy Gobbledygook Comedy sketch swapping live! The cult hit show where sketch groups perform their own sketches, then each others'.

Top 5 comedy shows of the year List. Top 10 shows at the Fringe Time Out.

BBC Radio Scotland - Good Morning Scotland - Gary Robertson

Top 25 shows at the Fringe Comedy. Made into a BBC television pilot. An hour of comedy, the way you like it Now in its fifth year, Joel Sanders returns in his glorious comic voyage from suburbia to chaos. What's it really like to give up everything you've known to live on a boat?

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A character comedy show from a comedian with real character. Follow Marvin McCarthy as he takes you through a journey of being raised by a British atheist, king of cynical father and devout Buddhist, Chinese mother, in modern day Britain and the ghettos of Wimbledon. Expect the unexpected, as this is a dry, deadpan and surreal story with a difference Award-winning gag merchant and UK Pun Champion , Masai Graham, delivers over clean jokes in just half an hour.

Expect puns, one-liners and wordplay in this 3. Seventh consecutive year for the UK's longest running and most successful ever Jewish comedy show. Based on a true story, Jewish comedian Ivor Dembina performs some of his favourite kosher gags alongside his personal take on the life of the modern Jewish comic.

A comedy and music show about all the things girls love: makeup, ponies and boys. Or is that all? We discuss everything from the Bachelor to the Bechdel-test and yes, there will be some naughty bits. Josefin Johansson works for stage, radio and television. Is known for her quirky 80's style attire mashed with 'My Little Pony' aesthetics.

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Suitors heavily discouraged. Lily and Alissa met on the Soho Theatre Stand-Up Lab in and quickly bonded over their love of expensive candles and the fact that they were both complex, three-dimensional women. Fifty minutes of sophisticated word play as The Two Moronnies lampoon the lampoonable in their unique, energetic musical style. Amused Mooose Comedy Award Finalist Musical Comedian, Anesti Danelis, returns with a new hour of witty, ridiculous, and delightfully dark comedic songs that celebrate all the fun things in life like: identity crisis, stealing from work, inescapable rumours, alternative medicine, fearless youth, goats?

So pull up a seat and let's ask life's biggest questions like 'why are we here? A total sell out in and Award-winning comedians and the best new acts, for free! Time Out recommended, a comedy institution and top comedy club in London on TripAdvisor! In the last record shop still standing, Manchester comic Fat Roland re-examines his life through not-so-teenage kicks, surrounded by forgettable and unforgettable pop music.

Amid the cobwebbed racks and fading seven-inch singles, he faces his 45th birthday alone. Meanwhile, all the cool kids are drinking Slop! When the brewery comes knocking, will Roland pack up his gramophone? Why does Grace Jones sound like Johnny Vegas? And is that Gary Barlow holding a mop?!

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A five-star, on Girl Code Imagine if Loose Women was more outrageous, and funnier. It features 4 uncensored female presenters who are of different backgrounds, different generations, and different opinions. No subject is off the table - the hosts will discuss anything including periods, monogamy, the changing role of gender, office politics, relationships and the conflicts between generations. They discuss the topics of the day, mixing humour with intelligent debate. In addition to the conversational segments, the forma Get your geek on as these improvisers make up a whole new MCU.

In its 7th year, the best comics of the Fringe are brought together for this premier comedy showcase.

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The line-ups are constructed by one of London's best comedy clubs, Laugh Train Home, and sponsored by its home venue, The Four Thieves A split stand up comedy bill from 3 rising stars from the London comedy circuit. One guy raising a kid that isn't his. One guy becoming an escort to make ends meet. And another guy because we need to fill that diversity quota Nor has she intentionally made herself look like a dog on Instagram.

Just have a normal sized head, please. As seen on BBC Iplayer. When everyone around you is self-identifying, and you feel a bit left out, chill! You can join the tribe of What-Nots with Charmian, who also self identifies as a very funny comedian. Feeling heartbroken? They say laughter is the best medicine! Throw in some music, and now you're really talking. Come join Rena Hundert on a healing musical journey from heartbreak to self-love Ever wanted to be part of a comedy show but don't like the idea of being picked on by the comedian? Do you have funny suggestions for stand up topics that you''d like professional comedians to improvise around?

Want to see three top comedians battle it out to win you over? Come and join us this lunchtime at Not My Audience! The interactive stand up comedy showcase where the festival's hottest talent takes it in turns to impress you based on the information you anonymously share through our exclusive app. Before the show starts, you'll be able to access our secure and anonymous web app, whe My name is Edd Hedges, I'm a comedian and I do storytelling style comedy shows, I've done two before and they both went pretty well. I'm coming back to the fringe with my third hour.

It's another story, but this one is a bit different. This show is about a lot of things. It's hard to explain but ultimately it's about two people. A 74 year old man in Essex sitting in his garden in and a 24 year old, standing on a beach on the other side of the planet in This show is a You enter a tavern.

You see a group of comedian questers. What do you do? Suitable for the experts, the novices and the uninitiated but curious. No two quests are alike; a unique mini-adventure, with Game Master Sasha Ellen. First kisses, weird hairs, the cool group: navigating adolescence was a challenge for everyone.

Hailed as a dynamic heartfelt storyteller this is Kevin James Doyle's follow up to The 30 Year Old Virgin which was called brutally honest and wildly funny. Some people choose their alter ego, as for Mista Lorraine it chose her. Lorraine invites you to see the funny side of being a woman with a deep voice in her standup show Mista Lorraine. Accusations of being a fraud and being denied access to certain services are just some of the situations Lorraine faces daily when conducting business over the phone.

She has been brought to tears but now it's time to laugh about it.