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Copies of public records must be made available within a reasonable amount of time.

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Each request should be evaluated for an estimated length of time required to gather the records. Routine requests for records should be satisfied immediately if feasible to do so.

If fewer than 20 pages of copies are requested or if the records are readily available in an electronic format that can be e-mailed or downloaded easily, these should be made as quickly as the equipment allows. All requests for public records must be either satisfied see Section 2.

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Any denial of public records requested must include an explanation, including legal authority. If portions of a record are public and portions are exempt, the exempt portions are to be redacted and the rest released. If there are redactions, each redaction must be accompanied by a supporting explanation, including legal authority. Requesters may ask that documents be mailed to them.

They will be charged the actual cost of the postage and mailing supplies normally waived if pages and costs are minimal.

Documents in electronic mail format are records as defined by the Ohio Revised Code when their content relates to the business of the office. E-mail is to be treated in the same fashion as records in other formats and should follow the same retention schedules. The records custodian is to treat the e-mails as records of the public office, filing them in the appropriate way, retaining them per established schedules and making them available for inspection and copying in accordance with the Public Records Act. The Vandalia Municipal Court recognizes the legal and non-legal consequences of failure to properly respond to a public records request.

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Public Records Public Records Policy It is the policy of the Vandalia Municipal Court that openness leads to a better informed citizenry, which leads to better government and better public policy. Section 1. Public Records This office, in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code, defines records as including the following: Any document — paper, electronic including, but not limited to, e-mail , or other format — that is created or received by, or comes under the jurisdiction of a public office that documents the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, operations, or other activities of the office.

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