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Paulding County High School PC Students attend the Secretary of State's Ambassador Program Kickoff Event in Now for a Pennies for Paulding update.
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The teachers, coaches and counselors are all wonderful. One child is already a doctor pediatrician , one is 2 nd year medical student and one is a first year dental student. First, our schools need more parent involvement. When a parent is involved in their child's education, it not only benefits the child but others around them too.

Next, diversity of different cultures must be recognized. Events such as cultural or diversity days allow students from different backgrounds to feel welcomed and unite as one despite unique ethnicities and nationalities. Finally, funding should go to all sports not just football and basketball.

Other student-athletes aren't able to practice to the best of their ability because of lack of good facilities and equipment for their sport. Henry county schools could go above and beyond if we, as a community, can implement these things into our schools. The elementary and middle schools were good buildings with great teachers and students. The academic rigor was Suitably varied for students with different needs. I especially enjoyed the chorus in elementary school and band in middle school. The one complaint for middle school in Cherokee county is that there is a lack of communication with parents when children may still not have the maturity level to remember that information.

In high school, there are also good teachers and many fun extracurricular opportunities for students to take part in.

There are enticing sports and clubs. However, though the school building has had upgrades in recent years, the conditions could still be improved. Overall, I have had a good experience with Cherokee County schools. However, the teachers at Jenkins High School have been very successful with preparing students for college.

Our teachers are very helpful and [seem] like they care about their students.

With acedemics, I do feel like different subjects could be taught with a more hands on way rather than a paper-pencil way. Overall, Chatham County is doing the best they can with the money they have. I will forever appreciate this school system. Read 85 Reviews. I have had an amazing experience thus far, now that I am a senior, and looking back, I would never want to switch to a different school district. The administrators do a phenomenal job at running the district and they make sure that everyone has a fun and safe learning environment. This school district really prepares you for the next step, whether it be middle school, high school, or college.

There is a school of the arts for students who wish to pursue a career in the arts like music, drama, etc. Overall, living and attending school in this district has been a pleasant and bittersweet experience! The art, music, and dance departments are very highly esteemed and properly train students for careers in the arts. The academics are also fairly good, but that is subjective since all students have a different opinion on how well academic classes are taught.

Our school lacks opportunities for students to engage in sports and many other clubs and activities, but the ones we do have are pretty alright. Overall, my school is a little rough around the edges, but it really excels in fine arts, which is what most students are here for anyways.

Read 92 Reviews. Super pleased with the district as a whole, only wish to see more cooperation with off-campus activities. I believe students learn more outside of the classroom with hands-on activities than in a lecture environment.

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Something to consider Read 58 Reviews. I learned to be independent in many ways and focus on learning to further my education so as a member of the next generation, I could improve society. Our school system is in an Air Force base town and because of that, I have gone to school with a diverse group of children and perceived a variety of backgrounds and beliefs because of it which has helped our schools, I believe, become a more understanding and successful learning environment. Our teachers, strive to push us and help us when we are struggling with learning the materials and give us multiple opportunities to better ourselves and our grades.

Along with pushing us, teachers have shown us there are in fact different paths of life we can take to be successful and they are always there for encouragement. Read 43 Reviews. The staff are knowledgeable professionals of their area of study and are constantly going above and beyond to not only help their students in class, but also outside of the classroom through internships, real-world learning experiences, as well as fueling one of the few institutions that not only allow, but promote, undergraduate research.

An education at UNG has motivated me to change my original plan of earning a bachelors degree, to attending medical school.

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I am forever grateful for my time at University of North Georgia. It surprised me, motivated me, and taught me some of the most valuable lessons I think I will ever learn in my lifetime.

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Read 36 Reviews. I've been exposed to fantastic teachers who have been able to focus on each student individually, ensuring they are getting the education they need. The administrators at all of the schools I've attended are constantly looking for opportunities to better the school for their students. High school was fearful for a freshman and confusing, therefore the country provided programs for seniors to help guide the freshman with classes to how to sign up for clubs and athletics.

They manage of putting importance upon their seniors, giving them all the information they need to be successful, whether it is helping with schedules or SAT dates and study tools. They listen to the students and do as much as they can to create a better learning environment every year! Read 53 Reviews.

I must say that my experience has been exceptional. The program provides real world experiences through the course designs. This is my senior year and I can attest that I've been groomed me from a shy and somewhat introverted person to an active and very confident individual. The school board is always working to improve security features in our schools. A new alert system was installed in all 4 schools over the summer, and tests have proven it to be successful at alerting school administrators and local law enforcement immediately after being activated. Other security measures are being researched, and plans are underway to create additional safety features to protect our campuses.

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Please outline a brief biography and resume of yourself: I was raised in Lilburn and graduated from Brookwood High School. Immediately after graduating, I accepted a job with Randstad North America receiving top notch training in human resources, recruiting, sales and business development. When my first son was born, my husband, Tim, and I decided to settle in Jefferson because of the close-knit community and amazing school system! Soon, we completed our family with 2 more sons, and I spent much of my time volunteering in the schools and developing relationships in and around this community that we call home.

Our family truly loves this community! Our family attends Southside Church, my husband is a firefighter with the Jefferson Fire Department, and our boys play sports in Jefferson and Jackson County. Posted on October 11, in Careers. Brian "Brian" Otott. The Paulding County School Board says it wants Superintendent Brian Otott to "continue elevating performance" and stay in his job for another three years.

The board voted recently to give Otott a three-year employment contract through mid Chairman Jeff Fuller said the school board "is proud of the job Dr. Otott is doing. Otott has been a key part of," Fuller said.

Our literacy and STEM initiatives are boosting test scores on the Milestones assessment and helping our graduation rate continue to improve year over year. Board member Glen Albright said the new contract was "a great move. Otott has dedicated his life, career and service to Paulding County," Albright said. This year, Paulding County schools as a district exceeded the state average in 22 of 24 subject areas on the Georgia Milestones assessment.

United States Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit.

District officials also conducted a series of "Community Conversations" across the county to gather public feedback that led to the development of an E-SPLOST proposal to address growth and capacity needs. Education accreditation agency AdvancEd also gave Paulding County schools full district-wide accreditation for five years during Otott's tenure. Otott is the right person get us there. He started working in the Paulding district as a classroom teacher and was the inaugural principal of Allgood and Russom elementary schools and Dobbins Middle School before moving into school district administration.

Terms were not announced. Posted on September 19, in Careers.